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ROLFEY - Is a hard working strong intelligent Grenadian man
Rolfey works hard & plays to win
the best way to get the job done is to
call on Rolfey for sure


ROLFEY - Likes to be at the helm of all activities he is involved in,
he likes to make a positive contribution within his local community
& to help promote & sponsor business projects in Grenada.
Rolfey likes to stay focused & true

to all his everyday life commitments, dreams, ambitions & aspirations.

ROLFEY - Is a major team player,
planning today for tomorrows comes very easy for him,
this level of commitment makes him shine with an internal to external
abundance of confidence that is very infectious to all around him.
Rolfey has charisma charm & 100% sun blessed energy. 

ROLFEYHas a very protective nature & is very generous when it comes to sharing his leadership qualities & abilities with other work colleagues
& members of his forever loving, forever supporting
St Mark Grenada Community