Pearls Airport - We Need You
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"Thanks Omari it needed to be recorded as part of Grenada history.

I remember walking along Pearl Airport when I visited Grenada.

Shame its not being used. What is the government doing about the airport do you know?"

"Why can't dey clean up luk rather untidy...are u and ur Gda boiifrn going too watch cricket 😒"

"I first flew from Pearls , age 11 went to Toronto... fell in love with planes ✈️, so I wanted to fly them, became a Pilot".

"Great video!  You are doing some excellent work,  looking forward to the movie


"Omg, I love it, brings back memories

"Waw, Cyril made me feel like I was inside a plane. Fantastic. Great capture too of the ruins. Beautiful


"Hail up ✈️ question who owns the airport and what are the plans for the land it’s on? Is it for sale? Or re development?

Potentially they could rebuild for private plans etc. Good historical and informative video" 👍🏽


"Hi 👍🏼thanks for sharing video"


"Nice man"…🙏🏿👍🏿


"Thank you"


"T, U"

"Wow! I love it! Thank you for sharing 👑 Omari"